'TURNING MECARD’, Awarded in 2016 Korea Contents Awards
Date 2017-10-30

The 2016 Korea Contents Awards, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister, Jo Yoon-sun) and

the Korea Creative Content Agency (Director General Gang Man-suk), will be held at COEX, Seoul on June at 3:00 pm.

This is the 8th anniversary of this year, and it is a place where the government and the people who have

contributed to the people's emotions and joy every year and contributed to the enrichment of people's lives.

At the ceremony, 31 people(cases) will be honored with five category such as overseas advancement,

broadcasting video industry development, animation, character etc.
The winning entries were selected based on a comprehensive evaluation of the contents export performance,

cultural exchange, industrial development contribution, and the completeness of contents.


In the overseas advancement category, presidential commendation will give the director of HB Entertainment Kim Yeon-sung,

who led the international pre-sales and simultaneous broadcasting of the world with the drama 'Cinderella and four knights'.
In addition, Kwon Young-sik, CEO of Net Marble Games, and Lee Dong-hoon, CEO of Enter Media Pictures

receive the Prime Minister Award.

Also, in the field of broadcasting video industry development, Kim Eun-hee of "Signal" (tvN),

which received a favorable reception as a result of repeatedly reversing the complicated matters of long-term unfair case,

receives the Presidential Commendation for the drama division Lee Wan-hee director of "Documentary 3days" (KBS),

who closely interviewed daily life people living in limited space and portrayed their lives with depth,

receive a Presidential Commendation in documentary category.


In addition, Park Hye-young(Writer of ‘Another Miss Oh'(tvN)), Lee Hyung-jun (Director of the DocuPrime – Numbers’(EBS))

and Lee Ho(Director of BoniHani) receive a Prime Misister Commendation. And Ma sul(Director of Kona M&E Co., Ltd.),

receive a Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation.

There will also be awards for cartoon, animation, and character categories as core contents of 'One Source Multi Use'.

This is a new genre called Moohyup webtoon.

 It is not only for men in their 30s and 40s who have a oriental fantasy perfume but also for 'Master' (Moon Jeong-hoo / Ryu Gi-woon),

 ‘Power Battle Watchcar '(Samji Animation),

 'Turning Mecard' (Choirock Contents Factory), which caused a craze in the domestic character market, won the Presidential Award.

'Hive' (Kim Kyu-sam) and 'Move out! Super Wings' (Funny Flux), etc., are awarded the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

"The Korean wave contents in the world is proving the competence and technology of Korean creators and content companies,",

“Creators and companies working in the field of cultural contents that the power of creative and emotional culture will

create new added value in various industries and production sites and lead the fourth industrial revolution”,

said Cho Yoon-sun.



Source : News1 / Date Created : Dec.6th, 2017